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Identify ideal target acquisitions for growth

Identify ideal target acquisitions for growth

In order to take your company to the next level, you may have realized the need to acquire a company with complementary products, services, or skill sets.  The ideal target could offer you access to new markets or the management, sales, marketing or finance resources needed to maintain a competitive advantage.

Finding the right company to accelerate your growth is a lengthy and complex process. For corporations that lack a dedicated Corporate Development officer, the Romaco Group offers the professional resources necessary to execute your M&A strategy. We work closely with buy-side clients to develop an M&A strategy with specific attributes of a potential target company. Outsourcing the process minimizes your distractions from managing the daily operations.

Our full acquisition search and deal process includes the following steps:

  1. Deal Strategy/Target Definition session
  2. Target Identification (Proprietary dealflow)
  3. Target Assessment (strategy alignment, synergies, seller motivation/expectations, risks, prelim. valuation, value drivers, etc.)
  4. Facilitate Management Meetings
  5. Negotiate LOI & exclusivity period
  6. Manage diligence process & conditions of closing
  7. Manage negotiations of Purchase Agreement & ancillary agreements
  8. Coordinate final funding approval
  9. Closing
  10. Post-closing follow-up

We are happy to discuss a working arrangement that supplements your in-house resources, and most importantly helps support your short and long-range goals.