Our Process

The Romaco Group Process

The Romaco Group Process


Before engaging us, we will provide you with an upfront assessment of your company’s financial performance and operations.  We look at the whole company, not just EBITDA, giving you a realistic expectation of fair market value.

Business Presentation Packaging

We work with you to get deep understanding of your company in order to produce the most professional and comprehensive business presentation documents on your behalf, expected of today’s discerning buyers.

Global Buyer Exposure

Your business is exposed to as many qualified buyers as possible, with a strong focus on identifying strategic buyers that would benefit the most by acquiring your company.

Prospective Buyer Qualification

We prequalify and interview EVERY buyer to determine whether there’s a strong fit between parties prior to distributing any sensitive information about your business.

Navigate Roadblocks
Due to our experience we can help identify potential roadblocks in your transaction that may create issues and delays.  If any issues do arise, we are able to proactively address them, ensuring a successful outcome is achieved.

Negotiation and Closing

It’s a long road to closing and we are here to bring your deal to a successful conclusion by arranging buyer-seller meetings, site visits, leading negotiations and the creation of closing documents.